For The Unsung Heroes, Wounded Warriors, and Battle Weary Officers

It Is Time To Triumph!

   Dearest Kindred Spirits ~ For that is who you are if you are reading this ~

Holy Spirit wanted me to record His message to you…to encourage you to continue to expect Him to reveal what He is doing in the earth during this season.  So many voices, but we must learn to tune in to the frequency of Heaven if we really are to understand even the events of a particular day.  For you have recognized that as time has seemingly begun to accelerate, I cause your senses to be heightened in an astonishing way.  So I say to you spirit of man, stand tall, stand strong, and when I fill your heart – you must learn to speak as one who is speaking the very words of God.

Yes, you are seeing the fruit of much prayer. The evil that you have discerned, unknowingly encountered, and even that which you have bravely uncovered in times past is being pulled down. And don’t think that I haven’t noticed that you have valiantly and forcefully pulled many strongholds down, even during solitary times of intercession, but oh so delightfully when you have gathered as one united army. For you must realize how very much you tug on My heart, and how much I long to release My Glory.

 Not only have you started to see your own creativity flourish, old established relationships are being blessed with a new touch of My Spirit;  yes, I am causing regions of the earth to bloom even out of their natural season… in response to your cries. You always suspected that there could be even an element of fun in the warfare.    So be it -as you decree it – because many of My servants need to learn how to have fun!

This is not only a time of renewal, but also of being repurposed or refurbished as it were….I am calling you to be one who establishes new foundations, and I will be calling you to take on new ventures, watch and see – you will enjoy your life much more in this new season.

For I am Still The Lord of Hosts! And I Still Send Brigades of Angel Armies to Assist You!

 You have known, you have even felt it in your feet at times that old constructs, systems, and yes the bogus bureaucracy is being rooted out of My world that I created for you.  When you had to deal with counterfeit, and when you poured out your heart to me yearning for answers, I was there. I heard every word.  And when you made the switch from lament over the wicked to the declaration of My plans and edicts, then My WORD was released and went forth. My Word does not return empty. My Word accomplishes All that we have sent it to perform.

It has been My delight to watch you take your place in the actual realms where the battles are fought and won; because despite all of the contradictions, despite all the opposition, and yes, even despite many painful losses, some of which only you and I know about…
You have touched My heart; obviously, I am about to give you the desires of your heart.

I won’t allow the increase to become too burdensome for you, in no small part this is due to good warfare that you have fought.  You have increased in strength; the heavier cloak will not weigh you down.  As it was with My archetypes from long ago;  you rise to rule above the level that you have conquered.  Mastery at any level must open the portals to larger spheres; it’s always glory to glory child….  I am even obligated by My own edicts to increase you.  So enter into your new assignments with joy and much satisfaction -I have looked so forward to this day – to spend it with you.  I LOVE to see My children thrive -and you have always held the same yearning for others in your life.

Therefore as you begin to feel the loosening of constrictions in your own life; rejoice in the same liberty that those around you are manifesting.  For you are not an island; Father and I strategize in order to cause parallels in revelation around this earth so that together you all release My Glory in an ever-widening perimeter.

As you move in My compassion and keep My honor as your deepest desire – I am binding you together with even higher ranked kinsmen who have passed through much fire and have also resisted despair. There is so much to be done. Give to your spiritual children the honor to understand and know that I can use the heart that’s been completely broken yet clings longingly to Mine.  Much treachery you have been able to perceive,  because I have need of a heart that can communicate danger with discretion.

Most of My people perceive something in their inner ear; but almost just as many  refuse to stop and listen or even try to move in closer to discern what the impression actually means. Even fewer think to simply ask Me, “Are You trying to tell me something, Lord; or what does this mean?”   I am giving to you who are willing,  the hungry hearts who truly want to learn; and as you nourish them, your capacity increases; therefore your influence must increase.

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