Why in THE world would anyone audaciously announce that Erie Pa is a linchpin city in the state of Pennsylvania?

Yeah….we’ll get to that in a while because that question begs this one: why in the world anyone name their city Erie? I mean eerie probably has the same basic definition in the dictionary that it has had for hundreds of years; I don’t think it’s that flexible like, you know, I’m bad means that I’m really good; and I’m down means I’m agreeable…etc. (unless of course that’s all different now -somebody check urban dictionary for me puhleeeaasseee;).) I may be onto something here…

See,  I  understand that the Eriez Indians were the earliest inhabitants, but sheesh the colonists didn’t name every city after its indigenous occupants; and I’m pretty sure no Quaker was going to agree to any spooky suggestions for their new homeland…. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use Shawnee or even Cherokee, or how about Iroquois….any other less macabre-sounding tribe… How many cities do you know of that are named after a tribe?  I know of practically none: no Navajo, or Apache cities in Texas, by the way…but okay, there is a tiny town named Comanche and Wichita Falls probably could be counted.

Somebody must’ve been trying to assuage his guilt or ease the tribe’s pain. I mean Lake Erie  would be a big improvement. Some credible soul please make this suggestion to city council or whoever has authority to tweak the small city’s moniker…I’m not kidding;)

An organization’s brand is supposed to be powerful, right?

Enlighten me how does one genuinely promote tourism, arts, culture, not to mention family values, healthiness, friendliness or fun if the name of the city connotes something possibly sinister, creepy or weird?

Who wants their “brand” synonymous with spookiness and ghouls?  Google it, peeps!

The only explanation I’ve come to accept is that this place I’ve been assigned to is named Erie because it has to do with the way God is never predictable.  I have to believe He loves to hide treasures in improbable places….the savior in the manger and the pearl in the oyster, and He creates something from nothing, exchanges beauty for ashes and strength for fear.

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; the honor of kings to search it out.

Heaven is His throne and the earth is just His footstool; yet He is intimately involved in events happening on our little globe.  Humans have always played a big part in HIStory and most of us realize that while still on the earth, The Word who became Jesus was the master storyteller.  We mere mortals might deem this characteristic of the Trinity to be slightly less significant in comparison to attributes like the Majesty and Omnipotence of Almighty God.  Despite the likelihood that universes may well exist which are yet unknown, much less unexplored, He chooses to spend His time communicating His Love for us. He actually enjoys hanging out with us because He longs to show us the fullness of His Glory.  The Alpha and Omega not only first chose us; He actually made us in His image.  He is LOVE and He takes the time to train us in order that we learn to trust Him, for He will trust us to rule and reign someday.

Intertwining the mysteriousness of His cosmos and bias towards contrasts; let’s seriously engage our imaginations (please indulge me here since this is purely my perspective, and I can’t communicate from your POV, because I don’t know it;).)  In this pursuit of trying to understand His ways. the current setting we find ourselves in seems as good a place to start as any.  Although it’s rather obvious, the human race is well beyond Act I; but if we measure all Biblical HIStory by centuries; the number would be somewhere rather close to 6016….this is getting dicey….that opens up a whopper of a can’o worms, doesn’t it….here’s an actual plug….see “The Eternal Church” written in the last millennium by Dr. Bill Hamon…he’s got a much better grasp on this whole history thing than I ever will….

We are going to compromise and settle our focus in terms that this platform of blogging can actually handle….the current year of our Lord plus the current sphere of mankind reversedEarth 2016-2017″ or “Earth 5776-5777″ if one follows the Hebraic calendar.

I feel a Bible break comin’ on……Isaiah helps us out here to somehow tidily wrap this up, tie it up or whatever….before a much needed intermission…Chapter 60:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1“Arise, shine, for your light has come,

Dobbins Landingand the glory of the Lord rises upon you

2See, darkness covers the earth and

thick darkness is over the peoples,

but the Lord rises upon you and

His glory appears over you.

Please read the rest of Isaiah 60….it is so prophetic and relevant…and come back later…

The Best is Yet to Come!


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