The Day After The Wrecking Ball


Wake Up Sleeping Church

I Don’t Want To Be One of The Elect That The Enemy Has Deceived

What Has Really Been Happening:

  • Why do so many of our nation’s wealthiest people live in or near D.C.?                              
  • Why did  James Comey 125 times  plead the Fifth so incredibly often; then suffer catastrophic memory loss so as to avoid answering questions?
  • Why did Lois Lerner target conservatives with superfluous audits and refuse to grant their non-profits 501(c)3 status?  Many Articles Available on Conservative Targeting
  • Why did James Comey close down investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email servers when it is proven that she ordered Platte River IT to “bleachbit” her hard drives? Charisma News Bleachbit Specialist Granted Immunity   
  • Why does no one question why Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of Phoenix airport (shortly after the FBI announced investigation into HRC PRIVATE SERVERS?) AG Lynch and Clinton Make A Deal
  • Andrew McCabe -Who was it that contributed $700,000 to his wife’s campaign? DNC Elected Officials Become Millionaires in DC

  • Huma Abedin – Editor of Muslim Journal for Women married to Anthony Weiner (convicted pedophile) and soon to be discovered but as of now the alleged Boss of Uranium One ratlines? Weiner and his “trusted staff” aka the Awan brothers monitored all Deep State Blackberries with such surveillance apps as Stealth Genie theoretically, until the CIA hacking tools were perfected. See Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed 
  • Why isn’t MSM talking about Uranium One?  Do they realize that Highly Enriched Uranium can be sold up to $40,000 an ounce? Makes one wonder…..

  • Why do the Saudis and the UAE OWN most of The United States PORTS?
  • Why Are So Many Muslim Countries Becoming Increasingly Wealthy? Anyone check out Astana lately? or Dubai?
  • Why did the UAE Ambassador’s mansion burn completely down last year shortly after the election?  Is he not known for being a huge party boy?  Linked memos regarding underage “dumbo drops” into Las Vegas for private parties.
  • Why are so many local governments so corrupt?  Newtown, Connecticut;  Las Vegas and Bunkersville Nevada;The Bundy Cattle Ranch  Centre County, Pa Who IS Second Mile Transferring To?

  • The Children: Thousands of Missing Kids? Why such a disproportionate number of missing children from VA?
  • Why are so many children’s bodies found with missing organs?
  • Why is The USA the country with the world’s worst Opioid Crisis? Why does the CIA seemingly enjoy telling on itself with release of movies such as “American Made” and many older revealing plots?
  • Why did the Las Vegas police chief continually lie about the number of shooters on October 1st?  
  • Our Heroes: Seal Team Six 
    Extortion 17 Was it retribution from the Taliban or something worse?

Mysteries All Around:

  • Secret Societies: The Bilderberg Group, The Masons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove
  • Underground Civilizations:  Antarctica underground tunnels all across US
  • Benghazi
  • False Flags
  • Boston Bombing, Charlottesville, Dallas, Las Vegas, NYC Saipov and Home Depot truck, Sandy Hook
  • The Clinton Foundation     aka Pay To Play

      Where is the Clinton Health Access Initiative headquartered?                   CHAI Headquarters in Boston, MA

  • Uranium One

Clinton Kill List Thus Far  just speculation remember….

  • Haiti: Don’t Forget  whose brother was left in charge of Haiti  effort?

Billions in Aid supposedly raised by the Clinton Foundation

Laura Silsby aka Laura Gaylor arrested for attempting to traffic Haitian children through the Dominican Republic? Who bailed her out of  jail? Why does she work for AlertSense which is affiliated with Amber Alerts when she was convicted for child-trafficking??

  • DownLow Club deaths at Jeremiah Wright’s Church
  • Gulen Schools founder Fetullah Gulen teaching garroting and street violence
    • Islamic centers across the United States
    • Chicago leads the nation in murders – why?
    • Homan Square – what’s really happening there
    • more to come……….

Rat Lines – Awan Brothers, Soros, MS-13

FBI – JTTF Diffuse and Destroy -Co-Intel Pro – Harass Whistle Blowers

CIA: Do you know the history of this agency?  Where did Nazi Intelligence (SS) go after WWII?

Who is Allen Dulles? PsyOps, Blackmail, Bribe, Control of MSM, Control of Hollywood, Control of the Music Industry, and Assassination

NSA:Surveillance – Global Elitists Track Every Move Americans Make

What Is Really Happening NOW:

Fake News – CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Podesta-staffed Washington Post

The MSM is not only totally complicit but most editors and/or owners are compromised, blackmailed, threatened, or profit in some way by allowing news to be scripted.

FACEBOOK, TWITTER,  YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE  use the following tactics to control information: update

James O’Keefe Project Veritas Undercover Report on TwitterJames O’Keefe Project Veritas Undercover Report on Twitter

  • Hire Staff to Specifically Patrol Whistle Blowers
  • Manipulate algorithms to repress the reach of certain posts
  • Actively Suppress numbers of subscriptions on Alt. Media Channels
  • Demonetize Independent Journalist’s Channels and Videos
  • Manipulate Google Search Results

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