Wake Up Earth Rulers!

Eradicate The Luciferianism That Has Deceived Even The Elect!

Hyperbole? is it?

What Really Happened To:

The 650,000 emails?

Heroes/VETS? Pat Tillman and James Sabow

Thousands of Missing Kids?

Why such a disproportionate number of missing children from VA?

Jon Benet Ramsey? Where did her daddy work and how is it connected?

Madeline McCann? Why were the Podestas vacationing right down the street when she went missing?

Cloning? Do the Elites actually pay for breeders?

Clinton Kill List Thus Far

And where IS former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Eric Braverman?

What Really Happened In:

Benghazi, Bohemian Grove, Extortion 17,  9/11, Salomon Brothers (WTC7)

Haiti? Laura Silsby aka Laura Gaylor arrested for attempting to traffic Haitian children through the Dominican Republic? Who bailed her out of Haitian jail? Why does she work for AlertSense which is affiliated with Amber Alerts when she has been convicted for child-trafficking???

Haiti? Billions in Aid supposedly raised by the Clinton Foundation (HRC’s brother who was left in charge of Haiti rebuilding effort)

Opioid Crisis – Clinton Foundation, Big Pharma, Drug Cartels, Central Banks

Chicago leads the nation in murders – why?

Homan Square – what’s really happening there?
Corruption – ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS pleading the Fifth or suffering really catastrophic memory loss: Lois Lerner, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Anthony Weiner

Gulen Schools founder Fetullah Gulen teaching garrouting and street violence

Islamic centers across the United State

Rat Lines – Awan Brothers, MS-13, Antifa, Soros

What Is Really Happening NOW:

Fake News – MSM not only totally complicit but bought and paid for news any way it suits the day

FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE – Hiring New Staff to Patrol Whistle Blowers, Algorithms To Repress the reach of certain posts, Suppress Numbers of Subscriptions, Demonetization of Certain Channels and Videos, Manipulation of Google Search Results

Diffuse and Destroy -Co-Intel Pro – Harass Whistle Blowers, PsyOps, Blackmail, Bribe, Threaten, Create False News To Discredit, or Eliminate
Surveillance – Global Elitists Track Every Move Americans Make

What Difference Does It Make?


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