God Loves Betrayed & Broken Believers

Your Very Own Personal Trainer….Lord Sabaoth

I ordered your recent long blank space, this void in time for you in which nothing purposeful seemed to be happening.  For we had to make a shift, not in direction;  truly you have learned well. You know how to listen and to wait.  Yes, you have allowed Me to teach you what it feels like to remain on hold, yet very alert; and most of all; you have learned that it is absolutely critical to stand strong during these times of great confusion with dignity, when everything within you wants to do the exact opposite.

Has your mind not even begun to think in different patterns?  Have you not felt the shift in your soul?  Have I not broken even the fear of man off of your life?  For I am calling you to walk in your own unique, perfect rhythm which coincides with Mine…your personally-trained hinds feet have learned to move your entire being in the cadence that is ME.

So when I alert you to a specific danger, and you sense a gateway or portal to ANY specific office or throne; I want you to sound the alarm.  Do NOT even try to repeat the tiresome phrases of, “Who am I, the smallest clan, or why me Lord?, the least significant of the least.”   I know ALL about all of that, and so do the ruling authorities – Fear may be engulfing everyone around you but you hear My voice just as clearly as Jonah did, even as clearly as Paul much of the time.

You will not miss your time of visitation…  You speak with My authority, and by My unction; and when I show you something that needs to be brought to light; I will turn you into a trumpet so shout with all your might!

For do not suppose I approve of the treachery which is rampant throughout your world’s systems.  I want it rooted OUT whether that system be a church, a community, or a nation’s governing bodies. No mole, no traitorous band, no duplicitous diplomat will last long around you! So you will see at times, in a prophetic sense, you are a cupbearer, at other times, you are even counter-intelligence, because you are Mine. And I will use your broken heart to bring healing to many.

Don’t you see, the warfare in which you have endured, is not for nothing…  The intensity forged your will, and the void tested it; and you have come forth as gold. Don’t you dare tarnish my precious vessel with your unworthiness mindset ever again.  We have traversed heaven and earth through that argument; and you still didn’t convince Me.

I simply require of you to continue to step out and speak when you hear something that needs to be spoken.  I simply require you to believe, and you will see Me rout the enemy.

And yes, be assured, you have all the resources you need….Stop procrastinating with this silly searching for some secret ingredient that you suppose I am withholding from you! For I have withheld nothing that you need precious warrior…you simply must take a step and watch how the principalities and powers fall at your feet! I will help you as sing, so sing! And if you choose to even glance their way; you will look at them with confidence as they scream and yell.  And if you choose to speak…do so briefly and in perfect peace. You know how to abide in My presence and it’s always a choice, isn’t it precious ones..

Did you know that the descriptive name of God -Lord Sabaoth, or The Lord Of HOSTS occurs more times in the Bible than any other descriptive name?  That’s right – even more than Jehovah Jireh, M’Kiddish, Rophe, Rohe, Shalom, Shammah, and Tsidkenu. It is more  familiar through its occurrence in the Sanctus of Te Deum–“Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth.”

Sabaoth is the Greek form of the Hebrew word tsebaoth “armies,” and is translated in the Authorized Version of the Old Testament by “Lord of hosts,” “Lord God of hosts.” In the mouth and the mind of an ancient Hebrew, Jehovah-Tsebaoth was the leader and commander of the armies of the nation, who “went forth with them” (Psalms 44:9) and led them to certain victory over the worshippers of Baal, Chemosh. Moloch, Ashtaroth and other false gods.

“I am fighting for you,” says the Lord your God.  “I am praying for you,” says the Lord Jesus, the word of God. “I am protecting you every step of the way,” says the Holy Spirit, your comfort.

We also pray for even this precious young warrior who is no longer a victim of satanic ritual abuse but is currently trying to emigrate from England to the United States…

 Becki Percy Tells Her Story

Becki’s Interview With David Seaman (audio of Becki)

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt. 18:6 NAS).

2 thoughts on “God Loves Betrayed & Broken Believers”

    1. Thank You Martha! Although I haven’t been aware of this issue long (which seems rather surreal to even admit that) I do understand the pain of losing a child…even in some measure also due to corruption in government…so thank you so much for caring…


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