True Aristocracy….

Aristocracy on this planet may imply nobility, but surely we humans realize:

All that glitters is not gold.

Since this August marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and people around the world may be considering this concept of monarchy,  I want to examine the lifestyle of the elite to see how one who regards oneself as royalty behaves.  What do they really value?  Are they a good example for the common people to follow?

For a great Biblical perspective, I highly recommend Kris Vallotton’s “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty.”  It  is an amazing book and one of the very first that I read which was written by a staff pastor at Bethel in California – so obviously I’m not presuming to add anything to his work here!  If anything,  I’m attempting to juxtapose our concept of earthly iconic figures with the virtues of spiritual royalty.

Aristocracy may be seem a bit irrelevant to us Americans –  but earthlings around the globe have almost always been fascinated by wealth and power.  Wealth and power generally end up ruling the lower classes.  However, many hard-working Americans are waking up to this farce which is the ruling elitists’ collective agenda.  The stories we see in documentaries and movies are highly scripted and possibly scrutinized prior to their release.  The images we see are purely snapshots of a moment in time. – hardly a full example of the reality of their daily lives.  A picture is worth a thousand words; and how much can that picture convey without having to speak a single word?

If Hollywood has taught us anything; you might think that one thing would be the ability to recognize fiction.   But the elites in the motion picture industry are smart enough to realize these tactics of smoke and mirror tricks can be easily seen through with a little bit of critical thinking.  This doesn’t mean that every effort isn’t still being made to consistently present the most positive spin on any subject near and dear to the heart of the powers that be.  The propensity of the American people to idolize celebrities is a luring aphrodisiac.  Think about it; why should actors, singers, and artists be the only privileged ones who regularly bask in the glory of their adoring fans.

Whilst the lifestyle of a celebrity isn’t anywhere near a possibility for the vast majority of the population – these perks certainly aren’t out of reach for anyone who has the funds to create events which would require publicity.   if it were in one’s power to do so, how many  of us would resist the photoshopped image; the photoshopped lifestyle or the temptation to cover up or at the very least camouflage one’s more grievous transgressions; or even the ability to create entirely false narratives?  Fame and power are the narcissist’s nectar have long been the most precious prize for the privileged few…and certainly not just those would-be sacrificial servants we elect to represent us in Washington D.C.  What so many Americans unconsciously dismiss is the bigger picture – the pursuit of all things bright and beautiful has always been taken for granted particularly for the privileged gentry.  But few realize how privilege has morphed into something so much more sinister.

All would have been well, if only greed and avarice weren’t progressive; as is the nature of any addiction.   In a very real sense, it is addiction that has not only manipulated governments but destroyed them, and ruined the lives of the working classes around the globe.  The lust of the flesh and the pride of life has created an economy which is dependent upon illicit drug trade,  altered the earth’s natural weather cycles, supplied arms to terrorist groups, bolstered an ever growing organ harvesting trade, and has murdered millions of innocent people.  Greed.


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