#Patriots, Prophecy

Eriesistible Linchpin cont.

Our beloved country has been in a highly orchestrated state of decline for decades in almost every area. Yet for the last twenty years, anyone with eyes to see can discern an acceleration into absolute decay. By the year 2016, America had fallen from its perch as the greatest nation on earth in the minds of many around the world.

Why is it that so few people understand what has really been going on? Let’s skip the deep levels of depravity for a while, since there’s plenty of cover-up; and focus on a few cliches that maybe some have wondered if maybe there was some truth to them? Phrases like: “All wars are bankers’ wars.”

Historians could list the parallels regarding empires of the past that have ceased to exist…but let it be noted: No other nation on earth can be said to have the foundation that we have. No other nation is built on such a masterful document as our beloved constitution.

We need people who believe America doesn’t necessarily have to follow any ancient empire’s pattern of moral decay with the then inevitable economic decline.

Surely if one little candle….a tiny bit of light can drive out darkness…then so can this dimly burning wick worn down and slightly battered; this oft neglected and forgotten little city that sits atop the once prosperous industrial belt hasn’t totally rusted out yet. Because God still responds when His people cry out to Him…

pa-county-mapThe most creative playwright, Who IS Above All others because He’s 100% Supernatural, proclaims many times throughout His Word that when darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people; the Lord Himself shall arise upon you and His glory shall be seen on you.

Sometimes I simply believe Heaven will have compassion on a city so strangely named as Erie may just be a perfect illustration of the transformative, redemptive nature of God.

I felt this simply must be the preface before we delve into what makes the “non-mistake on the Lake” so special. Name one other mid-sized city that has been as set up for failure as readily as this one.

William Penn’s concepts for government were the seedbed of our democracy. Quotes from Thomas Jefferson are very affirming that he regarded William Penn as the greatest law giver ever produced.

Recommended Reading:

William Penn The Seed Of A Nation

The prototype city of Philadelphia quickly grew into the largest city in the nation. Although its image has been tarnished over the decades, the city of brotherly love actually holds the governmental and spiritual foundation of our nation.

The vision that God gave William Penn for Philadelphia wasn’t for its expansion alone, it is ultimately through the example of Philadelphia’s destiny that the purpose for our national identity was formed.

Rather fitting then that Pennsylvania is “The Keystone State.”

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