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How Holy Spirit Proved QAnon to Me Personally on November 6, 2017 PROPHETIC DOODLING

The really ODD admittedly very low quality screenshot – look down below –  is actually my own feeble attempt at creating something legible (and I mean do mean ANYTHING legible;) on a small Etch-a-Sketch.  Let me MAKE THIS CLEAR – I was just goofing around….barely really trying to produce an actual picture – that’s what makes this story so very special to me.

Why did I even pick this up during one of our many family Scrabble games?   Probably because I was just sharing with my family about an amazing artist (and new friend) who happens to be one of George Webb’s researchers and is active in our Twitter Group @WebbGroup1.

Her name is Candace (one of several of us conservatives in the group) and she had recently posted the New York City SKYLINE which she had created on an Etch – a – Sketch!  Everyone in the group marveled at not only her proficiency and exacting eye but also on the patience it must have taken to create the NY Skyline…..I am pretty sure she still has that pic, and will request it for those who are curious..

So, whilst waiting for my boy to come up with a word for the Scrabble board; I spotted the Etch-a-Sketch beckoning me to pick it up.   I almost unconsciously decided to play with it.  Without even thinking about what I was doing, I saw that the three crosses seemed to appear in my meanderings.  This was late afternoon on November 6, 2017.three-crosses-e1522945549379

By The Way,  in case it’s not clear, I have been following everything regarding Deep State and Draining The Swamp extremely closely.

Along with so many others in the Fall of 2016, WIKILEAKS.ORG had opened my eyes to the incredible evil happening in our very own  government.  If you look at my Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube, you can see that this is where the spirit of God has led me.  Truly, I believe this is where God has placed me and is the direct result of praying in tongues for several hours a day…..I didn’t choose this – it chose me;)

So…..although I am sometimes accused of being “obsessed” with this fight to save our country,  I still actually play board games pretty often with my son! I must confess though, my eye is always veering towards the electronics in the room.  On this night in early November, I was watching for the latest Q Post; when I noticed he signed off with something very similar to the three crosses I had just lackadaisically attempted.  Yes, I know they are meant to be plus signs – but something more than just my interest was piqued – I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me.  And of course, when Twitter came alive with the latest President Trump Tweet; my interest turned immediately to incredulity.  Why did Q end his post with +++?  and WHOA! What are they talking about on Twitter concerning +++?   I pretty much totally overwhelmed my family that night.  I was so excited.   I mean really peeps – I Got It – I had heard from the Lord.   Below are the two posts: the President’s First but that night Q’s post was First………………………..LINK TO Q’s EARLY POSTS LOOK FOR NOV. 6TH POST WITH +++

(after the prophetic doodling of course;)djt-tweet-e1518454001227



I need to research where in the world I found this post; just found it amongst my hundreds of MAGA  photo files….IMG_4384

It’s been months now that Q has been posting and I have several other coincidences that have been such special messages to me, that I hope to take the time to list them all.  This is enough for now though. It’s just such a great comfort to realize that God is speaking to us ALL THE TIME……Please click on the videos below for great resources concerning Q.                             Praying Medic and Just Informed Talk 

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