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“Eyes That See” Q & Me

The ODD screenshot – look down below- is my attempt at creating something legible (and I do mean ANYTHING) on a small Etch-a-Sketch.

Let me make it perfectly CLEAR – I was just goofing around….not really trying very hard to produce an actual picture -which is exactly what makes this story special.

What prompted me to pick this up? My son and I were actually playing Scrabble at the time. But earlier I had shown my family a really cool drawing posted by an amazing artist (and my new Twitter/FB friend) @onwardtruth aka Candace Wagner.  She had just posted (in our Twitter research group) a New York City SKYLINE which she created on an Etch – a – Sketch!  It’s amazingly detailed really. I hope she still has that pic, so I can post it here, in case anyone’s curious.

So….later that day, while…waiting….for my boy…..to come up with a million dollar word for the Scrabble board, I spotted his mini-Etch-a-Sketch just beckoning me to pick it up.  It would be a good distraction since I didn’t want my 12 year old to get nervous about taking so long😉

Without really thinking it through, and carelessly approaching the lofty goal of creating anything on one of these toys; I pretty quickly settled for the sad-looking three crosses that appear down below – resigned to the obvious-this would be the closest I could come to Candace’s skills even if I really TRIED (note to the hyper-vigilant-nope- I did NOT mean to make one of the crosses upside down).


💥Simply very bad etchy/sketcher💥 This was late afternoon on Nov 6, 2017.

———Little Background——-

BTW, in case it’s not clear, I had already started following everything regarding Deep State/Draining The Swamp extremely closely.

Like so many other Patriots in the Fall of 2016, WIKILEAKS.ORG opened my eyes to the incredible evil happening in our very own government.  If you look at my Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube, you can see that this is where the spirit of God has led me.  I believe this is where God has placed me and is the direct result of praying for several hours a day…..

I didn’t choose this – it chose me;)

So…..although I have been accused of being “obsessed” with this fight to save our country,  I still actually play board games pretty often with my son! I must confess though, my eyes and ears are always checking in with the electronics in the room. 

 On this night of November 6th, I was (as has become quite the habit) half-watching for, and  slightly anticipating the latest Q Post.  Update: It is soooo nice to have the app that makes the “drop” sound)

It wasn’t long before my totally conditioned behavior was rewarded.  I rather vaguely noticed he had signed off with something very similar to the three crosses +++ I had just lackadaisically attempted.

Yeah, I know they are meant to be plus signs ok -but something else was involved here- I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me.  And of course, when Twitter came alive with the latest President Trump Tweet; my intermittent checking turned into fire in me bones🔥

Why did Q end his post with +++?  and WHOA! What are they talking about on Twitter and President Trump+++? 

I think I sort of annoyed my family that night😂 I was so excited.  I mean- I Get Excited when I KNOW I heard from God.  Below are the two posts:

President Trump’s is first but apparently that night Q’s post was first………………………..



(after my prophetic doodling of course;)



This Reddit version ought to bring some clarity.

Favorite Q Decoders Below….

24/7 Patriot’s Soapbox

Praying Medic

In The Matrixxx


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