Supernatural Intelligence

What does an intelligence agency do? My thesis – my guiding overarching research theme is this: Shouldn’t prophetic ministry be included in all Truth-Seeking?

Do some of QAnon’s postings seem like prophecy?


Beloved- Covet to Prophesy – Why?

to preempt, to warn, to cast vision, to foretell, to encourage, to comfort, to edify

What is an Intelligence Agency for?

What do America’s Intelligence Agencies Actually Do?

When you suffer a devastating loss, you spend a great deal of time meditating, looking back – wondering where you might have been warned – where was God speaking but your ears didn’t hear?

The hand that rocks the cradle….

If women are birthers then women must be caretakers. We spend enormous amounts of time instructing our offspring – and at least historically over the last hundreds of years – the role of mother has been that of the predominant caretaker.

And many of us analyze everything.

So if you my friend are fearless enough to have read this far; I put pen to paper for one reason – to expose the enemy’s devices in my own life and Family ; but I really hope this book helps me do even more than that.

I long to believe with you for Your Own Destiny and for The fulfilled destinies Of Your Children.


Anyone with any awareness or experience in deliverance or spirit warfare has learned that iniquity is in the bloodline – Exodus 34:7, Numbers 14:18 and Deuteronomy 5:9 all tell us that the sins of the fathers are visited upon his children to the third and the fourth generation.

These verses almost lead the casual believer or reader to assume or just default to the idea that iniquity is only transferred through the patriarchal bloodline.  But we need to remember that God created mankind; both male and female, in His own image – so even though women are featured a bit less in Biblical accounts, the word “man” very often is used to denote all people in the human race.

One of Jesus’ disciples does actually mention the possibility of consequences in regards to a mother’s sin being a cause for sickness in her offspring (but only as a concept) in John 9:1-3

God in His Infinite Kindness inspired the His scribes to feature women and traditional women’s roles very positively.  There simply aren’t that many female villains in the Bible;  you might even expect that the really evil ones would immediately stand out!

It used to be safe to assume that most people have heard the story of Samson and Delilah, since it is one of the more racy stories in the Bible. Delilah was a Philistine spy/seductress who betrayed Samson. For those who may not have heard, women are still used in this way all the time and Powerful men – men who have certainly been warned – men in high governmental positions – men in high military positions -still fall for it.

They are called “honeypots” and the reason for chronicling this event here is perhaps repetitious but we need to be reminded so that our mighty men don’t fall for one of the enemy’s most oft used strategies.

Most people have heard at least a little bit of something about the master manipulator Jezebel who was able to evoke crippling fear in the mighty prophet Elijah.

it seems rather strange to me that there is one who has been almost completely overlooked.

The one that I believe we need to understand and even expose in order to defeat her I believe was/is the most evil woman/female spirit in the word.

Did you know that when her son, King Ahaziah died, she set out immediately to have all of the heirs to the throne murdered?

Did your eyes just pass over that last sentence? This woman had her own GRANDCHILDREN killed in order to clear the path to the throne for HERSELF!

Can you imagine seeing that headline in the news tomorrow? What kind of atmosphere would that create? We might assume that the land would be full of terror and that men’s hearts would fail them. And I’m sure the fear would be very real. But what if the monarchy held complete control over the media channels – So Much so that the average plebeian simply assumed that Athaliah was next in line for the throne. This is certainly what happens today.

Our mockingbird media is so tightly controlled today that of you google a national news story – you will likely find several references from several different outlets All somehow worded in almost exactly the same way. But the fake news media is not the focus of what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about such a lust for power that this woman, upon hearing of the death of her SON, immediately arranges the execution of her grandchildren. Unbelievable…or is it?

Just as we have learned that the spirit of Jezebel is still a force to be reckoned with in the earth today – so also we might find that her offspring is a key to the Warfare that we face today. Perhaps we don’t live in a country represented by a literal monarchy, but we do live in a country where it is still legal to kill an unborn baby in the womb.

And what are some of the justifications for resorting to the murder of unborn children but to avoid the inconvenience that a child would be in the woman’s plans for her life. I don’t see too much difference in motive here. So you get where I’m going with this…

Athaliah may not have achieved the notoriety that her mother has…but this spirit is every bit as evil and therefore just as dangerous as the Jezebel spirit.

And I do believe that this murderous spirit is actually very prevalent in the underground culture of the world’s “elites”.

If there is anything that the Lord has shown me in this study of Athaliah – it is this – that these people whom we know are involved in satanic rituals and human sacrifice could very well be expected to murder their own children.

Dear Jesus – please give us the strategies in the spirit realm to eradicate this evil practice from our land. We absolutely must recognize the need for organized spiritual warfare – and I mean areas of specialization.

For too long, the “spirit-filled” Church that believes in and exercises spiritual gifts has been ignored, barely tolerated and even in many cases – openly maligned.

Please tell me you critics or even those who are hostile towards this aspect of the Gospel, WHO else believes in casting out devils and healing the sick and actually PRACTICES THEIR FAITH in these areas?

Who does your pastor or counselor call when they’ve got someone in their office who is desperate for help and they KNOW that it’s demonic oppression if not outright possession?

I know that my pastor is one who usually gets those phone calls. But it shouldn’t be his job ONLY!

Those who are regular members of (Dare I say it) Prophetic/Apostolic or (how about something a little more traditional) Charismatic/Pentecostal HAVE BEEN TAUGHT The Great Commission and should understand the Book Of Acts.

Therefore WHO do you think MIGHT have the tools in their arsenal to cleanse our nation of these evil spirits?

Would it be a good idea to maybe ask the Lord what He thinks?

Our land has become defiled by not only the shedding of innocent blood; but even by those who willingly sacrifice THEIR OWN offspring to these empty rulers of darkness.

And It Must STOP.

What am I suggesting?

#1 Do Not Sign Up for anything if you are afraid!

Actually I’m really simply trying to raise awareness and do my part in seeing our land, our nation, and even our world PRAY for TRUE HEALING, TRUE REVIVAL… and maybe EVEN BELIEVE GOD to help us put an end to these many holocausts which are burdening our planet. I truly believe that when the land is defiled by the spilling of innocent blood in direct and haughty antagonism towards the creator, that the very land reacts to the violations.

Perhaps the earth is responding in repulsion Of the evil being performed – maybe so, maybe not.

But who has the power to DO ANYTHING about “satanism”? Why are so many cults operating in our nation? And why was our government infiltrated by Islamists (and I mean staff at every possible level in just about every agency!) Why do we have mosques being built in every city in America? Why does Fetullah Gulen operate 130+ charter schools (which receive GOVERNMENT MONEY) to teach children Islam and even garrote techniques?

The VERY LEAST we who know our God can do is to encourage every living thing that has Breath to Praise The Lord. And PRAY. I don’t know why it is so difficult to get people to come together to PRAY but I’m asked all the time and it is an honor to PRAY…so please join me❤️🙌❤️

Lord we pray for healing rivers from Heaven pour down straight from Your throne and wash away the stain, the decay and the filth that evil has tried to clothe us in….We put on garments of praise and we lift up those with a spirit of heaviness – we cry out to You ABBA Father! You are a Good Good Father who calls for the children to come into Your heart.

Dear Jesus – awaken the earth to cry out for the sons and daughters of God to arise and take authority over the enemy – our God-ordained authority that You, Jesus gave to us, bought for us when You took the keys of death and hell from that worm satan…

We enforce Your Victory Lord and we decree and declare – we have No Mercy on the spirits of darkness and we command them to LEAVE…FLEE and DO NOT TRY TO RETURN for we have grown Much Wiser and Much Stronger and We Will Not Tolerate Any Lying, Thieving, Murdering spirits in our spheres of influence – not in our homes – not in our neighborhoods – not in our regions – not on our highways – not in our woods and forests – not in our lakes – not in our cemeteries and Definitely NOT IN OUR CHURCH!

💥Freedom Reigns and JESUS IS LORD💥

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