#Surge, Prophecy

Supernatural Intelligence enables us to Discern….

For those who are undecided whether the Holy Spirit speaks to us in our dreams: It is imperative that you start writing our own dreams down!

I’m going to start with a couple of dreams and recurring themes that God has used to get my attention with this really special form of comms that we share. This is obviously NOT the main way that the Lord speaks to me….but it’s actually a really sweet and intimate way that He has spoken to my heart. The more time I spend recalling them; the more I see how very much He really tenderly loves this ole battle-tested soldier. This is truly how I see myself… I don’t know when that happened exactly-but I’ve felt this way for at least a couple decades.

Even though I feel God speaking to me personally in many of these comms- my desire now is to simply highlight the dream itself; and let God speak to whoever He wants however He wants…I think we so often love to hear other people’s stories and forget that He is using the very same methods to speak to us. Taking the time to remember, write them down, and ask the Lord about them has become an extraordinary tool for discernment in my life.

Details are exactly as I remembered them. Whether it’s due to my intentional focus on hearing from God in dreams or – or it’s a cycle that I’ve not quite figured out -a few years ago I went through a period of receiving dreams from the Lord regularly. For whatever reason, I haven’t had a dream in several months now in which I believe the Lord was speaking to me…but then, He is always taking me somewhere fresh and new…. Just gotta make sure I realize exactly where that is! I always try to keep in mind a lot of dreams are a very personal lesson or revelation that’s basically an extenuation of one of Father God’s conversations with me. The dream often highlight a concept that I’m simply not consciously picking up on in the daytime.

I can remember several dreams where the Lord used allegories to confirm to me that I am overwhelmed, or I am over-committed. The one dream that sticks out vividly to me now and this was at least 10 years ago is that of owning this pretty large home, but it was totally overrun by wild animals. I specifically remember kangaroos, lions, tigers, and bears. Funny, I don’t remember any small critters! A feeling of hopelessness after watching the chaos and the absolute absurdity of it all hit me like a brick when I woke up after that dream… I was totally convinced I had just lived through this nightmare…. Not a whole lot of interpretation needed on that one! Can you tell I struggle with being a people-pleaser? I mean to the point that my whole house was filled, the yard was full of goo and the animals were ALL of the larger varieties. That dream still makes me laugh! And I still struggle with being a bit of a people pleaser….thankfully not as much any more. My point-we all have areas that we unconsciously either hide and/or we rationalize in order to not upset equilibrium..in order to not stand up for ourselves…or in order to continue in a destructive habit. When we draw up close to God…He will lovingly point these snares out to us. Even in our dreams…


Pregnant Dreams: Now before you Y chromosome readers roll your eyes – I’m sure you’ve heard at least in Christian circles the concept of giving birth to a concept, or even in relation to getting a breakthrough that you’ve been believing for in your life, work or even family. After having so many of these types of dreams – I can tell you God has imparted revelation unto me that is totally unrelated to having another child! So these types are for any gender. One of the most common realizations He has shown me is that the reason I am always being put into uncomfortable (to the flesh anyway) situations is because I’m on the verge of something wonderful.

Conversely, this is also why I was basically miserable with anticipation (I am speaking the truth here- trying to birth a new chapter of your life, or developing a new avenue for ministry, or birthing something prophetic is so best illustrated by a long season of being pregnant.) Pay attention to the the stages that you go through in an actual pregnancy, the wonder of the process, the terror of the unknown, the complete discomfort of your body being taken over by another human being, the basic panic that sets in right before the crowning and finally the thrill of the new birth!

It’s always worth it to endure the pain of the moment…

August 3, 2018

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