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Supernatural Intel AND a Plan

ROMANS 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

It seems like if there’s one message God is very often trying to relay to me speaking to me – it is to be more patient with those who struggle with Fear (I mean in the natural realm of every day life, concerning issues which many people would perceive as simply being one of those requiring caution. For some reason (probably because my nature lines up more along the rather carefree, somewhat impulsive, although honestly very introspective type) this character bend has always annoyed me! It always seemed to me that being “overly-cautious” is a close relative of superstition. Too many instructions take the fun out of an activity… you get the picture and hey cut me a little slack – I’m the one doing the self-disclosure for your benefit here now. Smile…

Analyzing or interpreting my own dreams has caused me to look more closely at this emotion and remind myself that fear is an inevitable natural response to many unhealthy and ungodly situations. And therefore, a little bit of caution can spare you some harsh realities.

As I look on the timeline of my history with God and I see how often I’ve acted impulsively…it’s obvious to me NOW that we all need someone with a bit of wisdom to help us along the way. Admittedly I had my own special brand of gung-ho “fly by the seat of your pants because you’re prophetic” mindset. For those who tend to be a little more on the black and white thinking side, who like a lot of structure and make great managers – this character bend is probably very annoying to you. So I’ll confess up front that I’m just NOW coming to see that to fail to plan and to share that plan with invested people is actually selfish.

I must preface the following analysis with a bit of fair warning…and an apology if I don’t do a great job communicating my mindset. Quite honestly a very large part of the reason that as a young adult I often “failed to plan” was lack of instruction and also perhaps surprisingly -TRUST. I freely admit that for many years I have gotten by very well simply spending many hours a day with the Lord and expecting the Best. I believe the Bible and I truly believe the prophets. I think I was taught this one particular precept pretty early in my walk with God -and for many years, I believed it: that the opposite of Faith was Fear.

But the opposite of Faith is not really Fear. I believe it is more accurate to say that it this ubiquitous yet almost unconscious habit which is Doubt is the opposite of Faith; or perhaps a stronger word for doubt- Unbelief. And I think these two insidious foxes can often do even worse damage than your basic, every-day instinctual fear…

Experience or more accurately, adversity has shown me that experiencing good outcomes is simply not all that simple. Having a plan isn’t a lack of faith. Fleshing out a plan with your children or men tee is an absolutely great opportunity to go over some of these concepts. With that said,when I sit down to plot some kind of pros and cons list, or fill in the SWOT possibilities, I can also discuss what could go wrong. Then I will end the discussion with no matter what happens God is working for our GOOD.

Perhaps better late than never; I know that to NOT instill a little caution and spend time planning is actually selfish.



They count.

They’re affected by what you do or don’t do.

Other people in your life may have a great need for structure, or even some type of idea where your head is at every day..that one is really tough for me. And of course some sort of list of priorities is essential when you’re working together toward a common goal, the highest goal being that of raising a family together. But even without children you need the will of God and His blueprint to decide/discern together where to put your combined expendable energies. In order to know what is required of you, or to simply know what your priorities are in a business, home or church, you gotta have some sort of framework.

For my personality, long-term planning feels so burdensome; although I could set daily, weekly, even monthly goals. But I never had a big overarching life plan…probably because I became a mom very early in life and it was understood that I would be a stay-at-home momma. Period. I adored my life as a mom, and I worked extremely hard to fill in some of that which was lacking in my sort of haphazard family of origin. Obviously, I didn’t have a great foundation for family life so that probably limited me somewhat in my chosen career. I hadn’t really seen that much of the world, and I really didn’t have many mentors as a young person; except for those in ministry. It always SEEMED to me that we in ministry were simply CALLED, and God equips the CALLED. I still believe that to this day….

But I don’t think God has any problem with studying, exploring different occupations as fully as possible, getting the most out of every life-experience you can and speaking directly with those people that you admire and that you have a natural rapport with about your own life goals. That is ANOTHER HUGE stumbling block I put in my own way…but tis another story for another time…

His ways are Not our ways, so these concepts can’t be easily measured in tangible ways and it’s not even really up to us Earthlings.  But don’t we humans sometimes just naturally gravitate towards legalism, becoming bogged down, punitive and actually swampy in our righteous quest for absolutes?!

Only Father God has perfect measures or scales that can weigh what quality our life’s work is measured by; whether we have responded and acted in Faith or Doubt in a multitude of different circumstances and what degrees of opposition or evil had to be overcome.

And only Father God can possibly know all the inner and outer influences, whether they be our DNA, bloodline iniquities, unconscious habits-whether they be thinking too highly of oneself or whether they be self-sabotage in many ways, all of which make up the former; or whether what was more heavily weighted were the influences in each of our unique circumstances or past traumas which absolutely must be factored to some degree when the King gets His scales out. Somebody fix that run on sentence will you please?

So here I am already meddling…coloring others’ interpretations with my own limited human personal perspective. My approach to the Lord is often so heavily overshadowed by this one question: What Is God Teaching me about some of my more impulsive decisions in life? Your relationship with Him is probably totally different. Yet still, I have to go back to this: Am I acting in Doubt and Unbelief or am I standing in Faith? For it is impossible to please God without that. So I major on that the rest of my life.

Even for the times we totally miss what God has intended for us; He is still so gracious that He will certainly create a detour and get us back on track. Too much introspection leads to dejection and analysis leads to paralysis. Expose that nagging fear clawing at your heart and your weary little subconscious mind that you’ve made such a big mess or that you’ve made too many wrong turns that it’s too big for God! NOW. Refuse to live with that mindset of limitation (which is really lack of hope which leads to despair therefore is a cousin of doubt and unbelief) This is spiritual growth.

And THE BEST antidote I have ever found to all of those debilitating sideliners is:

I decree and declare I am committed to hear Your Voice today Lord, and I decree and declare I will do my very best to fulfill what is on Your to-do list, and walk in a manner that is hopefully worthy of You, my King.

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