Supernatural Intel Creates Special Forces


Think not that I came to bring peace to the earth; for I came not to bring peace but a sword Matt 10:34

Am I afraid that every single person who has wronged, every person who has sinned, abused or even worst of all, hurt a child might not be harshly dealt with or be fully punished for their crimes? A whole lot of speculation, a whole lot of “journalism” and even a lot of vengeance is based upon a spirit of fear. But it’s not recognized as such…think about it Beloved. (I’m speaking to myself here also).

Can I Trust God to guide me into all Truth? Can I trust Him to work all things together for good? Can I let the very real pain of the past fuel a desire to see others set free?

Can I simply live my life with the constant immediate focus on overcoming evil with good?

What if part of that overcoming involves fighting? And I mean fighting in the sense that I refuse to be lulled into unconscious, complacent subjection and that I will stand strong to expose censorship which includes these ungodly mandates being forced on people across the world.

Now I ask you, dear reader HAVE YOU COME TO REALIZE YET THAT THOSE intimidation tactics and minimization techniques are MORE LIKELY THE REASON FOR YOUR CURRENT SUFFERING THAN ANY LACK OF PLANNING ON YOUR PART! Do you understand that the thousands who have lost loved ones over the past decades, often very likely lost them due to the conspiring and strategic planning of evil.

Do you really doubt that the goal of de-population CLEARLY written upon the Georgia guidestones is real? Are you walking in a state of cognitive dissonance simply avoiding the terror that lurks behind these Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Government Oligarchical plans?

The emotion of fear isn’t ungodly…it’s instinctual and rather helpful adrenalin when you are in a war! But ultimately it doesn’t guide you very well into Victory. The energy it can generate can however, whether it manifests as fight or flight – can absolutely be productively directed or harnessed then even converted into something useful – please engage and just watch how your fear turns you into a force.

With that said, we need to constantly check ourselves to make sure that we have funneled our energy into actual true righteous indignation. I pray we desire that awareness and begin to recognize how strongly God is moving within us to act under His anointing. I pray also that we desire the awareness of when He is moving within us even to restrain us from going past what He has anointed us to do.

I remember many times in the past and not so distant past – I have looked back at some of my own bold actions when the memories would seem so surreal, I’d start thinking “Oh Lord, what did I say? Why was I so bold?” When it comes to healing and deliverance I know that my motives were right….

Lord, Help us Keep as a Goal-Overcoming Evil with Good as the Main Focus Of our Hearts-even during the fiercest battles.

In an attempt to be as accurate as possible, I’ve recounted this dream as a journalist would using the W’s. There were at least two distinct and different locations so two “Where”s are recorded.

Who am I hanging out with: I found myself amongst a group of what seemed to be some hybrid type of law enforcement/soldiers. It wasn’t a SWAT team or some anonymous squad of mercenaries. They definitely weren’t regular law enforcement. Whatever they were – they were all wearing black and had all kinds of riot gear with them.

Where: It seems like we started the night out at a campfire but immediately we were in this large rather empty building.

There must have been many enemies or criminals inside this place which was more like a factory or a huge warehouse because suddenly, without any warning – everyone that I was with… scattered, and I mean they scattered without a sound. Since I am one who can easily pick up atmospheric frequencies I was shocked at how quickly this platoon or what ever they were moved. Of course the scene was unbearably ominous, and the building immediately became an impromptu war zone. So I started out the night in this totally unfamiliar huge space with people I don’t really know…

When is crisis point: I find myself alone and I’m starting to be fired upon.

What: so…It’s just about this time I noticed even in the dream that I started to feel fear. I’m serious because up until this moment; it never occurred to me that I was in danger.

What: I look around quickly while ducking behind a wall and thankfully grab a gun that’s lying on the floor amidst some backpacks. Brilliant strategist that I am, I have figured out that I must defend myself; so naturally(to most people), I start firing back at what appeared to be one mighty heavily-armed soldier.

The weapon he was using was something like a bazooka and it was firing these huge laser-like bullets at me; but I remember at some point thinking he is really a bad shot because I simply wasn’t phased. The course of action which was made obvious to me (a gun was provided)was to shoot back (and thankfully this gun was automatic whatever it was) so I just kept my finger tightly pulling on the trigger, trying hard to focus my aim at this shadowy figure for all I was worth.

Eventually, I saw my main target lurch backwards then fall to the ground so I knew I had hit him.

Why: My vision was very limited with those fire bombs coming at me, but I definitely knew that whatever it was they were shooting at me was meant to kill me. It could only have been a miracle from God that I wasn’t killed.

Later on however, I felt my forehead and realized that it was full of small indentations and gunshot residue…

As the one shooter was falling to the ground, suddenly I could see that there were actually two of them and I had to keep fighting. But it seemed only seconds before he also faltered and fell to the ground.

Where: The next part of my dream I was still hanging out with this group of soldiers or whatever they were; so I must have been a legitimate part of this group because we were in what seemed to be a locker room (of sorts).

What: Just as had happened in the warehouse, all the sudden, I’m alone. The professionals seemingly vanish, though they actually have appropriately run for cover, and are defending themselves once again against these invading forces; but this time, the enemy is inside their own space.

Because experience is a great teacher, I recognized what was happening; once again my gun was supernaturally right beside me, so I grabbed it quickly this time.

I turned to see one of these rather pesky would-be assassins holding up his huge bazooka-like weapon, practically backing up right into me. I waited for the right moment and put my gun to his head (I vividly remember being shocked that I thought to do that), took his weapon and marched him around looking for someone in command to take over and at least handcuff this guy or do whatever the next step in their protocol actually was.

Before the dream ended, it seems I got to meet with the other fighters and was able to get to know them at least a little bit; I remember they were pretty amazed at the size of my weapon which makes me wonder if it really was a….😂B.B. GUN.

Although in the dream nobody ever stated that’s what it was-that’s exactly what it looked like….


So now that I’ve reread this – here is what stands out to me……tho hopefully someone one else discerns a message for themselves in here somewhere…

1. Out of nowhere, my “gun” would suddenly appear.

2. My “gun” was really the only option that I had…besides surrender and more than likely die.

3. I was always surprised that I HAD TO ACT ALONE in this predicament (other soldiers were engaged elsewhere).

4. My “gun” could have actually been a B.B. gun because I certainly do Not want to kill anyone – but the killers, thieves or whatever MUST be STOPPED…so I’m not sure.

5. I didn’t/don’t have ALL the answers – I could/can only do my part and go find the authority who had/has the NEXT STEP.

6. Of course the enemy’s weapons looked HUGE, and technologically advanced and were a mystery to me….but it doesn’t really matter in the end now, does it?

7. THE Biggest messages to me in this dream is that I HAVE TO FIGHT. How many of us would REALLY rather not?

September 4, 2017

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