How Holy Spirit Proved QAnon to Me Personally on November 6, 2017

This really ODD innocuous screenshot look down below  (which I realize is hard to even decipher as to which way is the correct orientation) is actually my own feeble attempt at creating something legible (and I mean do mean ANYTHING legible;) on a small Etch-a-Sketch.

Why did I even pick this up during my Scrabble game?   Well, probably because I was just sharing with my family about an amazing young artist who also happens to be one of George Webb’s researchers and is active in our Twitter Group WebbGroup1.

Her name is Candace and she had recently posted the New York City SKYLINE which she had created on an Etch – a – Sketch!  We all marvelled at not only her proficiency and exacting eye but also on the patience it must have taken to create the NY Skyline…..I am hoping she still has that pic.

So seeing the mini Etch a Sketch just sitting there untouched; I decided to simply play with it.  Without even thinking about what I was doing, I saw that the three crosses seemed to appear in my meanderings.  This was late afternoon on November 6, 2017.

Have I not yet made it quite clear that during the last year and half, I have been following everything regarding Deep State extremely closely?

Along with so many others in the Fall of 2016, had opened my eyes to the incredible evil happening in our very own  government.  There are plenty of posts and videos to verify where my mind was during this time – and where my focus still is today.

Three Crosses

So…..although I play board games pretty often with my son – my eye is always veering towards the electronics in the room.  I was watching for the latest Q Post, and when I saw the three “crosses” (yes, I know they are meant to be plus signs) my interest was piqued.  And of course, when Twitter came alive with the latest President Trump Tweet; my interest turned immediately to incredulity.  I pretty much aggravated my family to no end that night. I was so excited.   I mean really peeps – I Got It! Below are the two posts in the left column and the President’s tweet in the right.


I need to research where in the world I found this post; just found it amongst my hundreds of MAGA  photo files….IMG_4384

It’s been months now that Q has been posting and I have several other coincidences that have been such special messages to me, that I hope to take the time to list them all.  This is enough for now though. It’s just such a great comfort to realize that God is speaking to us ALL THE TIME……. Please click on the video below for another great resource concerning Q.   Tracy Beanz Chronicles Q

Best Sites For Personal “Q” Research “UPDATE”

Follow Dr. Jerome Corsi for the most prompt up-to-date analysis of Q Posts.  There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of “Q” researchers in cyberspace but most agree that Dr. Corsi is the most credible source we have.

Decoding Q



  2. The Great Awakening is Q’s PRIVATE BOARD: 


3. is Much More Difficult to Just find Q:



The Link Below Is Simply An Attempt To Organize Questions That Every American Needs To Ask Him/Herself…

These are the very early and original posts made by Q along with answers that most agree on and many of which Q has confirmed.

Please Take A Few Minutes To Understand The Magnitude of Changes Happening In Our World This Week and Beyond and PRAY….With Great Love and Concern…Traci

The Calm Before the Storm Q

Among the last messages ~Prophet Kim

In this day and age, human beings are more determined than ever to receive their dream destiny on earth, handed to them on a silver platter. However, the fact that time is a teacher and often rewards marvelously if one endures the amazing transmutation, I felt it necessary to share my thoughts about this.

Do we have a destiny while sojourning on this earth? Is there an allotment or a portion of my eternal inheritance granted to me on this earth, and if so, why? Many of the great prophecy teachers, like Chuck Missler and others, share the wonderful truth that while on earth this is our boot camp and the rewards of overcoming and fulfilling the will of the Father will be enjoyed throughout eternity.

I agree. However, many are simply waiting for that glorious day when they will step through the veil beyond time, and THEN enjoy the rewards. I personally believe that overcoming, obedience, and sacrifice are rewarded on this earth as well. During boot camp, there are rewards for diligence, hard work, and discipline.

Our Inheritance and Descendants

During our time on earth, though we are being prepared for eternity, there is a horizontal-vertical, Heaven-Earth purpose to receive our Earth-Heaven rewards. Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David, Peter, Paul, Mary, Simon, and many others had a destiny to fulfill while on earth to hand to their descendants. (Photo via Wikipedia)

God speaking to Abraham made this statement when revealing the great nation that would come from him, “Know for certain that your offspring will be strangers in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years. But I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve, and afterward they shall come out with great possessions….” Genesis 15:13-14

Please remember that prior to that, Abraham had “believed” the Lord, who then counted it to Abram as righteousness and Abraham had obeyed the Lord with the offering that God required in order to make an unconditional covenant. In other words, Abraham’s faith and obedience was reaped by his descendants. “They shall come out with great possessions…”

What you do today will not only affect your eternity, but generations on this earth when you are gone.

Each Believer’s portion or purpose is important. You have to know what your calling on earth is (aside from the obvious callings laid out by Scripture) and walk within your “measure of rule” – your metron.

Matthew 7:21-23 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but the one who DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER who is in Heaven. On that day many will say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and cast out demons in Your name and do many mighty works in Your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.'”

What I see here is that this group of people were doing all the right things, but never really knew what the will of God was for their specific walk on earth. There is nothing wrong with prophesying in His name, but is it the will of the Father for your time on earth? You have to know personally what God’s will and purpose is for your life. Notice that Jesus calls them “workers of lawlessness.”

The Greek word used here is anamos, indicating “transgressing law (God’s teachings) by not regarding it” or “a judicial state of being liable for doing wrong or rebellion against God.” This is not referring to daily struggles with sin that you may have, but simply rebellion against God’s will and purpose for your life on earth. Are you walking in the designated call that God appointed for you?

Those Who Brought Reformation

Joseph was one of twelve brothers who would form the nation of Israel. His father, Jacob, and his mother, Rachel, raised him to believe that there was one God. The culture he was raised in was far different to that of Egypt. Yet little did he know that his destiny lay in Egypt. He never suspected for one minute, when he had that powerful dream of his position as a monarch, that a number of events would place him as second most powerful man in the kingdom of Egypt, under Pharaoh. The course of events that would transpire after he revealed the dream to his father and his brothers was the furthest thing from his young mind.

How would he possibly be a ruler in Egypt without training and experience? As he was being lowered into a pit by his own brothers, his heart was racing and his mouth was dry. He must have wondered what brought this about. Joseph was going to be trained by people that he would rule over one day. “Unto whom much is given, much is required.”

When dealing with destiny we cannot ignore the issue of culture. Your destiny dictates your present circumstances. If you can get a grip of that, you will accept and not reject or resist your present challenges as difficult as what they may seem. The only thing you need to resist is the devil and it takes perception to know the difference.

Did Daniel ever dream that he would one day be a ruler in Babylon? When he was a little boy being raised as a Jew you can only imagine that he had dreams – dreams of being a husband, a father, and possibly a rabbi, carpenter, or farmer. He could never have imagined that by the time he turned fifteen, he would’ve been emasculated, never to have children, and taken from his precious home in Judah as a captive of Babylon.

Yet his destiny lay in Babylon. As a representative of the cream of Judah’s crop, he had been handpicked, along with his three friends, to be trained in the school of the Chaldeans. Rather than being forced into common labor or imprisoned like many of the other captives, he was being schooled to serve the Babylonian king. Thus he was required to learn the Babylonian language, embrace Babylonian customs, and negotiate with foreign dignitaries on Nebuchadnezzar’s behalf. Daniel was forced to serve the barbarians who had murdered his people. He was trained in the “University of Babylon.”

The pressure to be squeezed into the mold designated by the Babylonians must have been intense. But Daniel resolved at the outset not to be defiled by even the same source of physical nourishment as the Babylonians. Daniel was a chosen man on a spiritual assignment in an alien culture.

What happened to Daniel has happened again in our time. The pressures they faced and the program they put on is here again. Babylon, the ancient city, is gone. Babylon, the spiritual power of the world, never left. You have the same choices Daniel and his friends had to face. He will go down in annals of history as the voice that guided the kings of Babylon. He taught them about the Lord God Almighty by his knowledge, wisdom, his gift, and more importantly, his character. The kings of Babylon would ultimately declare that there is only one God, and that He is the God of Daniel.

David, a simple shepherd lad, had a destiny – to be the beloved king of Israel. So why would the next thirteen or so years of his life be spent on the run from a raging maniac of a king – Saul – living in caves, mountains, and yes, even a foreign land before he would actually take the throne of Israel? Each one of these characters had a few things in common – a refined understanding and appreciation of other social groups and a passionate drive for reformation and reconciliation.


I understand the importance and value of contrasts. Let the one who is excessive join with the one who is conservative, the impulsive with the restrained, and the intemperate with the rational. Contrasts make the world beautiful and if they bring such harmony in the physical world, they will accomplish greater harmony in the moral and spiritual world.

As a prophet, I have availed myself to such contrasts by my choice of friends and associates because, through the meeting of these extremes, there may emerge a meaningful path of untold possibilities. The one thing that I face being a prophetic voice is the accusation of being a lunatic. Maybe for a period of time I am seemingly crazy because of the word that I give in season, but the true lunatics are the voices of those who cannot budge from their stand on the ever-flowing judgement of God… The fatalists; the determinists.

Of course there is some truth to this, but what about destiny and our choices to make history? I’m going to use a word that I kept thinking about during my time in Israel as God was dealing with me about the future. That word is determinism. I looked up the definition. Determinism is the doctrine that all facts and events exemplify natural laws; that human actions and choices are fully determined by preceding events and so freedom of choice is illusory or misleading. In theology, it means “lack of free will.”

Determine simply means, “to come to an end; to settle” and from the Latin word determinare. (‘De’ means off and ‘terminare’ mean limits or limited.) We are all acquainted with the word terminate. One of the greatest enemies to the prophetic is predetermination. What is this? It is the doctrine that all events, including human action, are ultimately determined by causes external to the will. Some philosophers have taken determinism to imply that individual human beings have no free will and cannot be held morally responsible for their actions.

Predetermination is the belief that something was decided in advance. In the case of the many prophetic words being spewed out against our nation, it is the belief that God ordained sorrow, death, and sickness for an individual/nation in advance and nothing we say or do can change that. Even though in some cases this is true, it is not always the case.

Determinism leads to fatalism. Fatalism is the acceptance of all things and events as inevitable. Example: “Her fatalism helped her to face death with stoic calm.” In other words, all events are predetermined so that man is powerless to alter his destiny, which ultimately causes a lack of effort or action in the face of difficulty. With this type of false mentality, spiritual warfare is therefore redundant, as this will not change anything.

The determinists come to bind, not to loose. These people do not believe in appealing to the will, but they believe in “changing the environment.” They will say to the sinner, “Go and sin no more,” and decide that because the sinner cannot help but sin, they will put the sinner in boiling oil because boiling oil is an “environment.” So many of today’s prophets believe that God is creating an environment so that the sinner will sin no more. This environment comes in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, famines, droughts, pestilence, etc.

So let me state emphatically that this particular method of “environment” is NOT, in fact, causing the sinner to sin no more. America has been troubled with hurricanes and earthquakes; yet I see no sign, not even a glimpse of acknowledgment of sin from the sinners and rulers. Only the Church is screaming at the world demanding them to change their ways, and threatening even more judgment.

Who are the lunatics? Those whose perfect circle cannot be broken just like the full moon.

In John 8, the scribes and Pharisees brought a woman, who had been caught in adultery, to Jesus. Jesus wonderfully deals with the hypocrites by challenging them with these words, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her.” Once they had all left, He asked her if she had any accusers left to condemn her. He goes further to say, “Go and sin no more.” So, she DID have the power to make a change.

Another time in John 5, Jesus heals a man who had been crippled for 38 years, waiting for his miracle at a pool. Jesus heals him on the Sabbath, and the Jews condemned him for carrying his bed on the Sabbath; forget the fact that a miracle took place on the Sabbath. When Jesus finds him later in the temple, He said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you.” So the man DID have the power to make a chanpge in his future by his present actions. His choice of will would determine whether a better or worse thing would come upon him.

Surely Jesus knew that there was a power of choice to do right that could be attained from within?

Gilbert K. Chesterton wrote, “It’s amusing to notice that many modern day mystics have taken as their sign an eastern symbol, which is the very symbol of a miserable mean infinity. It is a serpent with his tail in his mouth, eating away. The eternity of these material fatalists is indeed very well presented by a serpent eating his tail – a degraded animal that destroys even himself. The image of a very unsatisfactory meal.”

You have a God-determined purpose on this earth – pray, search God, and He will lead you to it. Make changes if necessary to change your present cycle of redundancy and God will honor your desire to know His will on earth and perform it.

Abraham sowed into the future with an offering. Jacob sowed into his future with an offering. Today, sow an offering into the prophetic ministry that guides you to the truth about your purpose on this earth and see how it unfolds before your eyes.

Kim Clement
Kim Clement Center

The Day After The Wrecking Ball


Wake Up Sleeping Church

I Don’t Want To Be One of The Elect That The Enemy Has Deceived

What Has Really Been Happening:

  • Why do so many of our nation’s wealthiest people live in or near D.C.?                              
  • Why did  James Comey 125 times  plead the Fifth so incredibly often; then suffer catastrophic memory loss so as to avoid answering questions?
  • Why did Lois Lerner target conservatives with superfluous audits and refuse to grant their non-profits 501(c)3 status?  Many Articles Available on Conservative Targeting
  • Why did James Comey close down investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email servers when it is proven that she ordered Platte River IT to “bleachbit” her hard drives? Charisma News Bleachbit Specialist Granted Immunity   
  • Why does no one question why Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of Phoenix airport (shortly after the FBI announced investigation into HRC PRIVATE SERVERS?) AG Lynch and Clinton Make A Deal
  • Andrew McCabe -Who was it that contributed $700,000 to his wife’s campaign? DNC Elected Officials Become Millionaires in DC

  • Huma Abedin – Editor of Muslim Journal for Women married to Anthony Weiner (convicted pedophile) and soon to be discovered but as of now the alleged Boss of Uranium One ratlines? Weiner and his “trusted staff” aka the Awan brothers monitored all Deep State Blackberries with such surveillance apps as Stealth Genie theoretically, until the CIA hacking tools were perfected. See Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed 
  • Why isn’t MSM talking about Uranium One?  Do they realize that Highly Enriched Uranium can be sold up to $40,000 an ounce? Makes one wonder…..

  • Why do the Saudis and the UAE OWN most of The United States PORTS?
  • Why Are So Many Muslim Countries Becoming Increasingly Wealthy? Anyone check out Astana lately? or Dubai?
  • Why did the UAE Ambassador’s mansion burn completely down last year shortly after the election?  Is he not known for being a huge party boy?  Linked memos regarding underage “dumbo drops” into Las Vegas for private parties.
  • Why are so many local governments so corrupt?  Newtown, Connecticut;  Las Vegas and Bunkersville Nevada;The Bundy Cattle Ranch  Centre County, Pa Who IS Second Mile Transferring To?

  • The Children: Thousands of Missing Kids? Why such a disproportionate number of missing children from VA?
  • Why are so many children’s bodies found with missing organs?
  • Why is The USA the country with the world’s worst Opioid Crisis? Why does the CIA seemingly enjoy telling on itself with release of movies such as “American Made” and many older revealing plots?
  • Why did the Las Vegas police chief continually lie about the number of shooters on October 1st?  
  • Our Heroes: Seal Team Six 
    Extortion 17 Was it retribution from the Taliban or something worse?

Mysteries All Around:

  • Secret Societies: The Bilderberg Group, The Masons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove
  • Underground Civilizations:  Antarctica underground tunnels all across US
  • Benghazi
  • False Flags
  • Boston Bombing, Charlottesville, Dallas, Las Vegas, NYC Saipov and Home Depot truck, Sandy Hook
  • The Clinton Foundation     aka Pay To Play

      Where is the Clinton Health Access Initiative headquartered?                   CHAI Headquarters in Boston, MA

  • Uranium One

Clinton Kill List Thus Far  just speculation remember….

  • Haiti: Don’t Forget  whose brother was left in charge of Haiti  effort?

Billions in Aid supposedly raised by the Clinton Foundation

Laura Silsby aka Laura Gaylor arrested for attempting to traffic Haitian children through the Dominican Republic? Who bailed her out of  jail? Why does she work for AlertSense which is affiliated with Amber Alerts when she was convicted for child-trafficking??

  • DownLow Club deaths at Jeremiah Wright’s Church
  • Gulen Schools founder Fetullah Gulen teaching garroting and street violence
    • Islamic centers across the United States
    • Chicago leads the nation in murders – why?
    • Homan Square – what’s really happening there
    • more to come……….

Rat Lines – Awan Brothers, Soros, MS-13

FBI – JTTF Diffuse and Destroy -Co-Intel Pro – Harass Whistle Blowers

CIA: Do you know the history of this agency?  Where did Nazi Intelligence (SS) go after WWII?

Who is Allen Dulles? PsyOps, Blackmail, Bribe, Control of MSM, Control of Hollywood, Control of the Music Industry, and Assassination

NSA:Surveillance – Global Elitists Track Every Move Americans Make

What Is Really Happening NOW:

Fake News – CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Podesta-staffed Washington Post

The MSM is not only totally complicit but most editors and/or owners are compromised, blackmailed, threatened, or profit in some way by allowing news to be scripted.

FACEBOOK, TWITTER,  YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE  use the following tactics to control information: update

James O’Keefe Project Veritas Undercover Report on TwitterJames O’Keefe Project Veritas Undercover Report on Twitter

  • Hire Staff to Specifically Patrol Whistle Blowers
  • Manipulate algorithms to repress the reach of certain posts
  • Actively Suppress numbers of subscriptions on Alt. Media Channels
  • Demonetize Independent Journalist’s Channels and Videos
  • Manipulate Google Search Results

Counter-Coup; Elijah Showdown; REAL Revolution; Chaos and Confusion

Although not many independent information gatherers are  Bible school grads….several do profess their faith very openly and I feel it’s important to encourage them in their quest to dig up the truth.  I am trying not to get downright discouraged with many Christians’ reticence and almost lack of interest in this issue that I believe is the motivating force behind so much “fake news”.

I get it: nobody wants pizzagate to be true, nobody fully understands the depth of depravity of the ruling elite, the New World Order is this fuzzy ephemeral thought lingering in our subconscious mind and nobody has all the facts straight on that subject.! Why do I write now? Because one course of action appears to be inevitable..Public Outcry and most of all, a united church.   How else will the Glory of God be released in our communities?  Only a massive move of God is going to perforate the networks of corruption that have been operating for decades….

Of course,we KNOW we have the answer. And we know our part is to be found in intercession,in diligent praise and worship, in intentionally changing the atmosphere around us; and endeavoring to release as much Heaven onto this earth as we, His holy priesthood (yet still mortal beings) possibly can.


BTW, please forgive me if you are a good friend that I’ve been neglecting for some time; but the distress is Real!   I honestly prefer being more social; it simply isn’t a choice at the moment…God engineers circumstances; and this season in life has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced before….I hope to find more kindred spirits; who sense so many things in their spirit man, who have been experiencing what you know are prophetic dreams; and even those of us who have come to feel like many aspects and details of our daily lives are symbolic of; indeed even parallel to events occurring elsewhere in the world…and we MUST figure it out!

Proverbs 25:2-10

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter; the glory of kings.

As the heavens are high and the earth is deep, so the hearts of kings are unsearchable.

Remove the dross from the silver,  and a silversmith can produce a vessel;
remove wicked officials from the king’s presence, and his throne will be established  through righteousness.

I wouldn’t expect that every reader is going to agree with everything posted here; I’ve always leaned towards the less conventional phenomenological approaches; which is usually the hallmark of any Christian’s worldview.  In other words, I tend to measure everything not only from a spiritual perspective; still my brand of discernment should be viewed in the light of my current level of prophetic revelation.

There is always going to be subjectivity in the pursuit of any subject…it’s unavoidable.But we’re all in this together, right?  Ephesians 3:18 be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height…..

Since I heard this scripture from  Ephesians; I’m really tempted to go to dive into the whole subject of idol worship; but we need true Bible scholars to draw out all the parallels to what is currently happening in this Hebrew year 5777 (which IS the year of the sword).  This is the bottom line, spiritually speaking of everything being played out in the world in this year 2017, I believe.

Strictly and accurately interpreting the news

Dr. Steve Piezenik

Dr. Pieczenik is probably most recognized as the co-author of Tom Clancy’s psycho-political thrillers that I know I love to watch them and rewatch them.

We Have Won The Revolution

Explaining The Coup

Alternative media obviously has to use these platforms, but much to the chagrin I’m sure of the MSM; but probably fewer of us are likely to peruse open-source intelligence forums (such as reddit and voat are actually the substructure where most of the investigative  work gets done.) It’s definitely a messy environment in these areas of the web; so be forewarned, my more subtle-natured friends.  Hound dogs of every age practically live in these forums because they revel in it; they never have to retire and they don’t even have to stop digging  after they hit bedrock regarding any one issue.  There is always another mystery to solve.

 More accurate than most, these priceless gems are apparently willing to go public and finally broadcast unique perspectives (truly inside information) and experiences via YouTube. (I honestly believe many of these guys hide behind their “handles” in the aforementioned investigative forums.)

If you haven’t heard it yet, be aware Facebook and Google have publicized their right to censor what they deem “fake news” and it has been proven that (at the very least) Twitter is choking off pro-Trump tweets; so it’s no wonder I haven’t felt much encouragement to pursue this line of thought in my social circles.

 I am attempting to keep the tone of this post on the lighter side; but, please don’t disregard the information (always keep in mind that the disinformation campaign  originates with those who are compromised -so…..ask yourself why would one spend an enormous amount of energy “wagging these dog”) Who comes up with these false narratives such as Milo (can’t spell his last name) being the operator of a pedophile ring?

The information we are privileged to hear from sources who are retired from government service is foundational (imho) to understanding and being able to discern  motives regarding all of the scripted theater we have come to know as the nightly news. The misinformed public aren’t being deluded by  just nighttime news “shows”  anymore – some misguided souls even gulp the propaganda spewed in current daytime Hollywood talk shows and current (undoubtedly compromised) pop-music stars and Hollywood actors.

If you have lasted down to this paragraph; you must be of similar ilk…at least I certainly hope so because I’m so often tempted to embrace the whole prophet in the wilderness lifestyle; just shut my doors and say, “Good-bye Ole World!”  We’re having fun in here…

Sound The Alarm

He who has ears to hear; let him hear.

                       As as a result of much deafness and even willful blindness; America has long been suffering a broken heart, and those whose hearts have grown so cold as to almost stop beating, continue to turn a blind eye;  unaware that the refusal to contemplate will only dull the perception at a later date when they need it even more. 

This is the reason you face so much resistance My faithful ones, and why you have often felt there was no one in whom you could place much trust. Refusal to be made in any way uncomfortable through the habit of self-reflection, lives that are left unscrutinized so that cowardly pretense becomes the hegemonic norm.  And the slide to the lowest common denominator is inevitable.

But you, My trusted “staff” have been forerunners in this time of revealing of hearts; and you have proven yourself faithful. Your pioneering spirit heightens the contrast between evil and good.  You’ve sensed that you are are entering into this cataclysmic period of time and you know this – that I long to fulfill all that I have been promising you for your latter house will be greater than your former house.

What is it that You would have us do, Lord?

Rise up with the sword of the spirit, and declare The Word of the Lord!

Getting To The Bottom Line

 Great Perspective on Current Events

Parents teach your children diligently not to value that which is of no value to Me….for what was once a relatively simple spirit of pride has in this era, metastasized into unspeakable brutality; and what was formerly mere ostentation now digresses quickly into vulgarity.  When a young man is persuaded that the goal of life is to attain status, prestige, luxury and splendor, his heart is easily corrupted.  

Ubiquitous images of worldly wealth, seemingly benign marketing strategies designed to sell us a lifestyle afforded only by the purchasing of a certain product aren’t just innocent campaigns in fantasy if the product is an entire lifestyle, right? 

More often than not, behind the billboards and magazine ads, the museum exhibits and avante garde displays, behind the blinding lights and cameras filling our comparatively dreary existence; these orchestrated illusions are as far from reality as a half-hour Hollywood sitcom.

Yet, perpetual self-indulgence nurtured and pampered in the human psyche creates narcisstic villains more brutal and devastating than anything portrayed on any television show.  And this cancer spreads like wildfire. So then what was seen as just a simple proclivity or began as a small compromise – suddenly demands attention and creates an entirely different atmosphere.  

Often an outsider is necessary to be able to correctly diagnose the malaise for what it has truly become  – a stronghold.  fortified stronghold deeply imbedded in the culture such as what we all know is Hollywood.  The problem is, is that strongholds are never complacent nor content.  So the principalities such as Lust and Greed aren’t content to remain 

Sources much more knowledgeable than this one can elaborate the details and schemes involved in the processes of corruption.

Its definitely not a reason to celebrate anymore if Mr. Smith goes to Washington. This generation of millennials have a completely different point of view.

House of Cards is much more apropo. Imagine the newly elected government official’s ceremonial hazing as something like this: Invited out for a night of celebration surpasses mere excess; one morning they awake to find themselves drowning in pit of filth and tar. The head feels unusually heavy because the newly elected rep was drugged, but he doesn’t know that yet. Panic sets in when his eyes begin to focus on the incriminating evidence of an uncharacteristically crazy night of “fun” is still laying in his bed.

Instant clarity drains every ounce of strength from his body; he’s been set up and escape from this pit is utter futility. Broken, bruised and blackmailed overnight, many elected officials operate for decades in this deepest, darkest fog of despair ever known to exist.

For their very lives are lost, the career which may well have begun as an honest pursuit, perhaps even a desire to serve, soon morphs into a disdain for for the indigent or the less fortunate; then disdain’s infection turns to contempt; and contemptuousness is the perfect breeding ground for ripening this disease…

It doesn’t have to turn out this way. Immediate confession is the only remedy; but he’s been thoroughly indoctrinated that prestige, power, and status are ALL that matters. It’s a LIE.

Love for God births the love for Truth; and self-righteousness and hunger for truth don’t always dance together very well.  Sometimes a heart that treasures truth will suffer, but it’s only temporary…

Despite all their cutting-edge, anti-aging and technological efforts – there is no organ transplant for the human soul.  Therefore whatever the state of any other vital organs- the physical nature of the human body can not supercede a necrosis of the eternal soul.

A nature calloused by licentiousness rarely recognizes a human in need, for they don’t recognize pysche hunger; group think and  confirmation bias are elusive concepts to artificial intelligence.

Yet another example of the upside down kingdom we live in on planet earth -it’s far more likely that a beggar might yield something of value; rather than a heart weakened by a life of overindulgence. Empty wells with nothing of real value to offer, can definitely look the part. Heck it’s more than that – the air of self-satisfaction that riches exude is truly a formidable facade. Many if not MOST celebrities living in this Truman World aren’t even AWARE that the lives they lead everyday are actually 100% fiction. This world ain’t our final destination.

How does one minister in such complicated assignments?

Only Holy Spirit knows where to start and what need can be fulfilled.  America, founded on godly principles with a rich spiritual history was a beacon of light to the world. But we became so materially prosperous, that man thought he didn’t need God anymore.  Our beloved country truly almost came to ruin;even though founded by brilliant statesmen, who lived noble lives and created a masterpiece such as our constitution is – we have been blindly led down a similar path as empires of the ancient and not-so ancient past.

  Lust For What Money Can Give: Power, The Fountain of Youth, Artificial Intelligence

The Clinton Connection

What a paradox it is to see those self-satisfied and blessed with worldly wealth; even those who once may have had a genuinely tender heart, slowly become enamored with their own power, their own devices, and their own company.  But spiritual death occurs when truth remains unsought; when counterfeit the standard.  Iniquity permeates the family line for what light once tried to reveal and ultimately heal is consistently snuffed out, even the desire for truth becomes buried under generations of lies.

So I say to you, in this season of upheaval, let the fountains of the deep arise!  I am shaking up the foundations so that you, My merciful ones will unlock the the treasures of the deep.  Much will be exposed with much conflict, so that even a spirit of vigilanteeism will attempt to take hold amongst those who tend to point fingers.  Teach your children to have nothing to do with those who are stirred up in righteous anger; but refuse to surrender their own emotion for the greater good. They don’t understand they fall so easily into the same traps as the ones they long to hang. I lead you in the way that you should go; and with whom you need to interact.  And yes – there is good news in this hour, you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the voices who will rise our to speak out of an honest and upright heart; just as so many times in the past you were surprised by My unending devotion to you, yourself!

For I absolutely love to surprise you!  These are times that I have been eagerly anticipating to show you; these greater treasures; even more than the inklings that I have allowed you to foresee…

 But right now – it is time to heed the word of the Lord and Sound The Alarm.

Please pray for even this one precious young warrior who is no longer a victim of satanic ritual abuse but is currently involved in long legal battle to obtain political asylum.