Powerfully Prophetic Blackberries ~ Kim Clement

Recorded on August 8th, 2015  From The Den

The nations, the nations are in uproar, as we all know.

But Listen! For the Spirit of God has spoken clearly. These are His words:

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

And yet I see the fear and the trembling from My people.

What is this! What fear would be instilled in you by the media that paints the pictures of doom, gloom – the prognosticators of this time? And they say, “How shall we rid ourselves of ISIS and pacts made with Iran, our enemies?”

(Kim holds up cell phone) The Spirit of God says this will do it. This tiny instrument that people use every second – I shall do something that shall expose what is taking place in Iran, Iraq, throughout the Middle East, but Iran specifically. There shall be an exposure and they shall say, “Such a tiny thing brought the truth out and such a tiny thing brought down that which was supposed to be upright,” and yet they are presently at this very moment pacting together with Russia and laughing at this President and laughing at this nation. God says I will have the last laugh. Why? Because, as I have said throughout the summer, there shall be one exposure after the other.

And then I suddenly saw a word that I don’t enjoy speaking. That word was “revival.” And I said, Lord, what do you mean “revival”? He said, Kim, the people are praying for North Korea, Iran, China, yet the church is growing in China faster than anywhere else in the world; yet the church in Iran, underneath, is greater than the church in the west.

No, it is this nation that needs revival. God says, they have died and said “the naturalism, the naturalism, secular humanism.” I’m exposing them one minute at a time, and even as you have seen the truth about the little children that are being destroyed and how they laugh about it, God said today I show you that I am about to pour upon My people, those who have given, those who have sowed, and those who have stood the test of time, I’m about to pour upon them unimaginable favor, says the Spirit of God. I will heal bodies like I’ve never healed before. I will raise even the dead – as they’ve said it cannot happen, I will do signs and wonders. Not signs and blunders, but signs and wonders, says the Lord, as this earth has never seen. I will begin in China, then I will move through Iran and the Middle East, and then I shall flame this country again under the leadership of a righteous President, says the Lord.

For The Most Powerful Man on The Planet

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Friends ~ please encourage one another to keep one’s head out of the sand…we need to to intercede like never before.  
What is happening in America is not a  regime change…
It is not even a revolution. It is truly a reformation.
And we need every voice that can be heard to begin to speak!

Clinton Connection

Someday we won’t have to be so wary and concerned about who to trust, but in this season, looks like some crazy stuff going on that makes the girls’ experimentations way back in Salem, Massachusetts look tame. Nobody wants pizza-gate to be true; but I believe most Americans have at least some idea what it is actually about. I’ve never enjoyed walking on my tiptoes; therefore I tend to approach difficult subjects rather rambunctiously. This is my warning to those for the more delicate natures among us. Admittedly, it’s a combination of the urgency one feels when one sees the luxury liner is sinking plus a personal tendency towards impatience; therefore I tend to assume the reader has some level of awareness of which I speak. If you’ve stayed with me to this point, hopefully you’ll be able to look past this messenger’s frailties and catch the revelation of the Lord.

I’ve been curating some of the best content that I have found to make things clearer; yet I chose this clip (not directly from Info Wars channel) because although I follow dear Alex Jones, he really interrupts his guests whoa too much.  Plus he has a great nutritional product line that he promotes ALOT. So, I’m only trying to save your valuable time…if you don’t know much about Alex Jones, please take the time to research him – he’s bombastic, colorful and loquacious to say the least. Nonetheless, most alternative media sources agree that he is pretty accurate and their journalism concurs with much of his. Strangely enough, I experience stress relief every time I seem to catch one of his hyperbolic hissy fits… but I understand he’s not everybody’s fave…

Thank you so much for watching and listening!