True Aristocracy….

Aristocracy on this planet may imply nobility, but we earthlings realize that all that glitters is not gold. In Heaven, however - Everything Is Aglow With The Splendor And Glory Of LOVE. Surely His Majesty Enjoys Our Efforts to Honor Him With All The Pageantry and Splendor We Can Imagine.

The Eriesistible Linchpin

Why in THE world would anyone audaciously announce that Erie Pa is a linchpin city in the state of Pennsylvania? Yeah....we'll get to that in a while because that question begs this one: why in the world anyone name their city Erie? I mean eerie probably has the same basic definition in the dictionary that it has had … Continue reading The Eriesistible Linchpin

The Power Of One Angry Bird

Have I mentioned lately that God makes movies for me? Actually, He doesn't just make them for me...sheesh!   He makes movies for other people too; and they can glean whatever the Holy Spirit is highlighting for them in their own situations. Now since I am slightly obsessive, and have been night and day praying, … Continue reading The Power Of One Angry Bird