The Power Of One Angry Bird

Have I mentioned lately that God makes movies for me?


Actually, He doesn’t just make them for me…sheesh!   He makes movies for other people too; and they can glean whatever the Holy Spirit is highlighting for them in their own situations.

Now since I am slightly obsessive, and have been night and day praying, seeking direction, and asking,  “Lord what is it that You want me to do?”

He answers like He often does, “Stop whining, do something!”

I believe that something is to write….so what’d I do?  First, I started this blog.  Next day, I got distracted and watched a movie, but it wasn’t an accident, a distraction or even procrastination… It was one of those setups that Father likes to pull on me, really….I put this in here for perfectionists who would chastise themselves for wasting time….

The subject of the film seemed slightly interesting even though  I always thought the game was absurd and juvenile, so this is one clue that it was God drawing me in to actually watch this movie.. I know, I’m such a snob…reminder to self….” animated films can be full of treasures and are often really profound”.

This was even the second time I had started to watch it….the first time I gave it a few minutes…assumed I had the gist of it..yet another take on anger management therapy..ha ha… but it’s Angry Birds…it must be boring…and so didn’t even bother to finish it.

It’s a movie about birds…really.

For some reason, the silly movie grabbed me but good the second time around……the protagonist, Red has been ordered by the rather shortsighted owl (the judge of the court) to take anger management classes.  We immediately sympathize with Red, for he doesn’t really have an anger problem per say…he has social problem, exacerbated by his keen intellect, intuition and ability to appraise a situation correctly.

Yeah, he is a bit of a smart aleck, a tad arrogant; and the elected officials in town don’t like no civilian or ordinary citizen being quicker-witted than them.  Red steps on the egos and toes simply because truly, he is a very smart bird.  He easily ascertains another bird’s psychological motivations, quickly realizes his personality deficits, and can basically peg a phony a mile away. But the problem remains and is the same for every highly perceptive bird….

Don’t you know – everybody needs friends, even those who haven’t quite figured out how to tune out their highly sensitive radar, throw a blanket on their reticulator activator, or  basically just chill out, man!

Research into the writers or producers of Angry Birds probably should have preceded my delving too much further into this; but since this is my blog – I’m throwing caution to the wind…on with the story….

Red’s painful lifestyle of being the outcast leads him to anger management classes, where thankfully, he meets his tribe.  Of course, it’s not all a bed of red roses, the members of his newly found tribe have very little self-awareness; but that’s okay because Red is going to need blind followers in a real big way later on in the movie.  For it is Red who is instantly suspicious of the newcomers in town.  Alas, he is not respected by the MSM; therefore he is not only ignored; he is shunned, put out and somehow eventually blamed for the very evil that he seeks to disclose. (Or am I confusing Milo’s situation with Red’s here?) Either way, hero just knows this band of pirate piggies who have invaded their peaceful island are up to something nefarious!

OMG…can you guess – what these pigs are after that the entire island is completely unaware of?  Fake News, cries the TV and the birds recoil at Red’s suggestion that the piggies have ulterior motives.  These inward pirates are outwardly such delightful entertainers and fast-talkers that the entire population of the island including its local government is taken in by their narcissistic indulgences, their adeptness in  gaslighting, and always their theatrical expertise.  Life is a party….until…

The birds wake up one morning and ALL of their EGGS (children) are gone…


The Power of One Angry Bird – One Bird Ignites A Citizen’s Uprising

Demonstrations Raising Awareness

Keep Focused RED & Co!

 Becki Percy Tells Her Story

Becki’s Interview With David Seaman (audio of Becki)

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt. 18:6 NAS).

Counter-Coup; Elijah Showdown; REAL Revolution; Chaos and Confusion

Although not many independent information gatherers are  Bible school grads….several do profess their faith very openly and I feel it’s important to encourage them in their quest to dig up the truth.  I am trying not to get downright discouraged with many Christians’ reticence and almost lack of interest in this issue that I believe is the motivating force behind so much “fake news”.

I get it: nobody wants pizzagate to be true, nobody fully understands the depth of depravity of the ruling elite, the New World Order is this fuzzy ephemeral thought lingering in our subconscious mind and nobody has all the facts straight on that subject.! Why do I write now? Because one course of action appears to be inevitable..Public Outcry and most of all, a united church.   How else will the Glory of God be released in our communities?  Only a massive move of God is going to perforate the networks of corruption that have been operating for decades….

Of course,we KNOW we have the answer. And we know our part is to be found in intercession,in diligent praise and worship, in intentionally changing the atmosphere around us; and endeavoring to release as much Heaven onto this earth as we, His holy priesthood (yet still mortal beings) possibly can.


BTW, please forgive me if you are a good friend that I’ve been neglecting for some time; but the distress is Real!   I honestly prefer being more social; it simply isn’t a choice at the moment…God engineers circumstances; and this season in life has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced before….I hope to find more kindred spirits; who sense so many things in their spirit man, who have been experiencing what you know are prophetic dreams; and even those of us who have come to feel like many aspects and details of our daily lives are symbolic of; indeed even parallel to events occurring elsewhere in the world…and we MUST figure it out!

Proverbs 25:2-10

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter; the glory of kings.

As the heavens are high and the earth is deep, so the hearts of kings are unsearchable.

Remove the dross from the silver,  and a silversmith can produce a vessel;
remove wicked officials from the king’s presence, and his throne will be established  through righteousness.

I wouldn’t expect that every reader is going to agree with everything posted here; I’ve always leaned towards the less conventional phenomenological approaches; which is usually the hallmark of any Christian’s worldview.  In other words, I tend to measure everything not only from a spiritual perspective; still my brand of discernment should be viewed in the light of my current level of prophetic revelation.

There is always going to be subjectivity in the pursuit of any subject…it’s unavoidable.But we’re all in this together, right?  Ephesians 3:18 be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height…..

Since I heard this scripture from  Ephesians; I’m really tempted to go to dive into the whole subject of idol worship; but we need true Bible scholars to draw out all the parallels to what is currently happening in this Hebrew year 5777 (which IS the year of the sword).  This is the bottom line, spiritually speaking of everything being played out in the world in this year 2017, I believe.

Strictly and accurately interpreting the news

Dr. Steve Piezenik

Dr. Pieczenik is probably most recognized as the co-author of Tom Clancy’s psycho-political thrillers that I know I love to watch them and rewatch them.

We Have Won The Revolution

Explaining The Coup

Alternative media obviously has to use these platforms, but much to the chagrin I’m sure of the MSM; but probably fewer of us are likely to peruse open-source intelligence forums (such as reddit and voat are actually the substructure where most of the investigative  work gets done.) It’s definitely a messy environment in these areas of the web; so be forewarned, my more subtle-natured friends.  Hound dogs of every age practically live in these forums because they revel in it; they never have to retire and they don’t even have to stop digging  after they hit bedrock regarding any one issue.  There is always another mystery to solve.

 More accurate than most, these priceless gems are apparently willing to go public and finally broadcast unique perspectives (truly inside information) and experiences via YouTube. (I honestly believe many of these guys hide behind their “handles” in the aforementioned investigative forums.)

If you haven’t heard it yet, be aware Facebook and Google have publicized their right to censor what they deem “fake news” and it has been proven that (at the very least) Twitter is choking off pro-Trump tweets; so it’s no wonder I haven’t felt much encouragement to pursue this line of thought in my social circles.

 I am attempting to keep the tone of this post on the lighter side; but, please don’t disregard the information (always keep in mind that the disinformation campaign  originates with those who are compromised -so…..ask yourself why would one spend an enormous amount of energy “wagging these dog”) Who comes up with these false narratives such as Milo (can’t spell his last name) being the operator of a pedophile ring?

The information we are privileged to hear from sources who are retired from government service is foundational (imho) to understanding and being able to discern  motives regarding all of the scripted theater we have come to know as the nightly news. The misinformed public aren’t being deluded by  just nighttime news “shows”  anymore – some misguided souls even gulp the propaganda spewed in current daytime Hollywood talk shows and current (undoubtedly compromised) pop-music stars and Hollywood actors.

If you have lasted down to this paragraph; you must be of similar ilk…at least I certainly hope so because I’m so often tempted to embrace the whole prophet in the wilderness lifestyle; just shut my doors and say, “Good-bye Ole World!”  We’re having fun in here…