How Holy Spirit Proved QAnon to Me Personally on November 6, 2017

This really ODD innocuous screenshot look down below  (which I realize is hard to even decipher as to which way is the correct orientation) is actually my own feeble attempt at creating something legible (and I mean do mean ANYTHING legible;) on a small Etch-a-Sketch.

Why did I even pick this up during my Scrabble game?   Well, probably because I was just sharing with my family about an amazing young artist who also happens to be one of George Webb’s researchers and is active in our Twitter Group WebbGroup1.

Her name is Candace and she had recently posted the New York City SKYLINE which she had created on an Etch – a – Sketch!  We all marvelled at not only her proficiency and exacting eye but also on the patience it must have taken to create the NY Skyline…..I am hoping she still has that pic.

So seeing the mini Etch a Sketch just sitting there untouched; I decided to simply play with it.  Without even thinking about what I was doing, I saw that the three crosses seemed to appear in my meanderings.  This was late afternoon on November 6, 2017.

Have I not yet made it quite clear that during the last year and half, I have been following everything regarding Deep State extremely closely?

Along with so many others in the Fall of 2016, had opened my eyes to the incredible evil happening in our very own  government.  There are plenty of posts and videos to verify where my mind was during this time – and where my focus still is today.

Three Crosses

So…..although I play board games pretty often with my son – my eye is always veering towards the electronics in the room.  I was watching for the latest Q Post, and when I saw the three “crosses” (yes, I know they are meant to be plus signs) my interest was piqued.  And of course, when Twitter came alive with the latest President Trump Tweet; my interest turned immediately to incredulity.  I pretty much aggravated my family to no end that night. I was so excited.   I mean really peeps – I Got It! Below are the two posts in the left column and the President’s tweet in the right.


I need to research where in the world I found this post; just found it amongst my hundreds of MAGA  photo files….IMG_4384

It’s been months now that Q has been posting and I have several other coincidences that have been such special messages to me, that I hope to take the time to list them all.  This is enough for now though. It’s just such a great comfort to realize that God is speaking to us ALL THE TIME……. Please click on the video below for another great resource concerning Q.   Tracy Beanz Chronicles Q

A New Era: A Real Choice

Instead of being faced with the despondent task of having to vote for the lesser of two evils, we are entering a time when the American people will be given opportunity to choose the better of two actually decent candidates…

What a day that will be…

2016 wasn’t a close election in any way. Period.

The Power Of One Angry Bird

Have I mentioned lately that God makes movies for me?


Actually, He doesn’t just make them for me…sheesh!   He makes movies for other people too; and they can glean whatever the Holy Spirit is highlighting for them in their own situations.

Now since I am slightly obsessive, and have been night and day praying, seeking direction, and asking,  “Lord what is it that You want me to do?”

He answers like He often does, “Stop whining, do something!”

I believe that something is to write….so what’d I do?  First, I started this blog.  Next day, I got distracted and watched a movie, but it wasn’t an accident, a distraction or even procrastination… It was one of those setups that Father likes to pull on me, really….I put this in here for perfectionists who would chastise themselves for wasting time….

The subject of the film seemed slightly interesting even though  I always thought the game was absurd and juvenile, so this is one clue that it was God drawing me in to actually watch this movie.. I know, I’m such a snob…reminder to self….” animated films can be full of treasures and are often really profound”.

This was even the second time I had started to watch it….the first time I gave it a few minutes…assumed I had the gist of it..yet another take on anger management therapy..ha ha… but it’s Angry Birds…it must be boring…and so didn’t even bother to finish it.

It’s a movie about birds…really.

For some reason, the silly movie grabbed me but good the second time around……the protagonist, Red has been ordered by the rather shortsighted owl (the judge of the court) to take anger management classes.  We immediately sympathize with Red, for he doesn’t really have an anger problem per say…he has social problem, exacerbated by his keen intellect, intuition and ability to appraise a situation correctly.

Yeah, he is a bit of a smart aleck, a tad arrogant; and the elected officials in town don’t like no civilian or ordinary citizen being quicker-witted than them.  Red steps on the egos and toes simply because truly, he is a very smart bird.  He easily ascertains another bird’s psychological motivations, quickly realizes his personality deficits, and can basically peg a phony a mile away. But the problem remains and is the same for every highly perceptive bird….

Don’t you know – everybody needs friends, even those who haven’t quite figured out how to tune out their highly sensitive radar, throw a blanket on their reticulator activator, or  basically just chill out, man!

Research into the writers or producers of Angry Birds probably should have preceded my delving too much further into this; but since this is my blog – I’m throwing caution to the wind…on with the story….

Red’s painful lifestyle of being the outcast leads him to anger management classes, where thankfully, he meets his tribe.  Of course, it’s not all a bed of red roses, the members of his newly found tribe have very little self-awareness; but that’s okay because Red is going to need blind followers in a real big way later on in the movie.  For it is Red who is instantly suspicious of the newcomers in town.  Alas, he is not respected by the MSM; therefore he is not only ignored; he is shunned, put out and somehow eventually blamed for the very evil that he seeks to disclose. (Or am I confusing Milo’s situation with Red’s here?) Either way, hero just knows this band of pirate piggies who have invaded their peaceful island are up to something nefarious!

OMG…can you guess – what these pigs are after that the entire island is completely unaware of?  Fake News, cries the TV and the birds recoil at Red’s suggestion that the piggies have ulterior motives.  These inward pirates are outwardly such delightful entertainers and fast-talkers that the entire population of the island including its local government is taken in by their narcissistic indulgences, their adeptness in  gaslighting, and always their theatrical expertise.  Life is a party….until…

The birds wake up one morning and ALL of their EGGS (children) are gone…


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“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt. 18:6 NAS).