God Loves Betrayed & Broken Believers

Your Very Own Personal Trainer....Lord Sabaoth I ordered your recent long blank space, this void in time for you in which nothing purposeful seemed to be happening.  For we had to make a shift, not in direction;  truly you have learned well. You know how to listen and to wait.  Yes, you have allowed Me … Continue reading God Loves Betrayed & Broken Believers

The Eriesistible Linchpin

Why in THE world would anyone audaciously announce that Erie Pa is a linchpin city in the state of Pennsylvania? Yeah....we'll get to that in a while because that question begs this one: why in the world anyone name their city Erie? I mean eerie probably has the same basic definition in the dictionary that it has had … Continue reading The Eriesistible Linchpin

The Power Of One Angry Bird

Have I mentioned lately that God makes movies for me? Actually, He doesn't just make them for me...sheesh!   He makes movies for other people too; and they can glean whatever the Holy Spirit is highlighting for them in their own situations. Now since I am slightly obsessive, and have been night and day praying, … Continue reading The Power Of One Angry Bird