Among the last messages ~Prophet Kim

In this day and age, human beings are more determined than ever to receive their dream destiny on earth, handed to them on a silver platter. However, the fact that time is a teacher and often rewards marvelously ~ if one endures the amazing transmutation, I felt it necessary to share my thoughts about this. Do … Continue reading Among the last messages ~Prophet Kim

True Aristocracy….

Aristocracy on this planet may imply nobility, but we earthlings realize that all that glitters is not gold. In Heaven, however - Everything Is Aglow With The Splendor And Glory Of LOVE. Surely His Majesty Enjoys Our Efforts to Honor Him With All The Pageantry and Splendor We Can Imagine.

God Loves Betrayed & Broken Believers

Your Very Own Personal Trainer....Lord Sabaoth I ordered your recent long blank space, this void in time for you in which nothing purposeful seemed to be happening.  For we had to make a shift, not in direction;  truly you have learned well. You know how to listen and to wait.  Yes, you have allowed Me … Continue reading God Loves Betrayed & Broken Believers